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Twitter Polls & How To Use Them
04 Aug

Twitter Polls & How To Use Them

Twitter Polls have been around a little while but a lot of people don’t realize exactly what they can do and how easy they are to implement.

3 Tips for Scheduling Posts Across Multiple Time Zones
10 Jun

3 Tips for Scheduling Posts Across Multiple Time Zones

While some social media accounts have almost all of their followers in a single time zone (e.g.

Facebook Canada
29 May

KonnektNow 5: Steve Irvine of Facebook Canada

In this episode of KonnektNow, Amber sits down with Steve Irvine, the Group Director of Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook Canada, to discuss t

Mitch Joel
09 Apr

KonnektNow 4: Mitch Joel of Twist Image

Amber Mac talks with author and marketer Mitch Joel of Twist Image (who Marketing Magazine called the "Rock Star of Digital Marketing" and "one of

Ford's Scott Monty
22 Mar

KonnektNow 3: Scott Monty, Ford's Head of Social

Konnekt's President, Amber Mac, talks with Scott Monty, Ford's head of social media, about aligning with business goals, creating successful campai

Social Flow
26 Nov

KonnektNow 1: SocialFlow

KonnektNow is a video series that features interviews and other types of segments that relate to our work as a digital agency - strategy insights,

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