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Konnekt worked with Halifax's premiere annual art event, Nocture: Art at Night, over the course of several years, developing their current website and working with the app developer to provide a mobile event schedule. Nocturne: Art at Night is a unique fall festival that brings art and energy to the streets and public spaces of Halifax. Konnekt has led communications efforts for Nocturne, coordinating marketing and publicity efforts through social and traditional media (including considerable television, radio, and print coverage), as well as setting up the digital infrastructure (including the website) to facilitate discussions and sharing for the Nocturne community. Konnekt developed and helped execute various social media campaigns, helping grow the event from less than ten thousand attendees to over twenty five thousand. Konnekt also produced the first Nocturne "trailer" from crowd-sourced video content.

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web development, campaign development, community management, video production, design
Nocturne: Art at Night

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