KonnektNow 2: Microvideo and your content strategy


There is something beautifully simplistic about 140 characters or less. Whether you're waiting in line at the grocery store or lounging lazily in bed, browsing through your Twitter feed can be a quiet (and somewhat informative) way to kill a few minutes. With video, that dynamic changes. While it's been said time and time again that moving images are a powerful way to build your brand across social media channels, when producing video content a number of things can go terribly wrong. Whether your video is too long, poorly lit, or badly shot, today's YouTube generation is far from forgiving. We can also thank an overwhelming increase in production quality for our higher expectations when watching our favourite brands duke it out for video share online. For some companies, micro videos are an easy way to stick one big toe into the online viewing party. Take a look at Dove's 'Body Wash Bowling' Vine. With a piece of soap and six bottles, the company shows that it has a playful side. Taco Bell goes one step further, using six seconds to announce its new Cool Ranch Taco. Whether it's Vine, Tout, or even Echograph (the new-ish Vimeo app that lets you combine an image and video into one), there are a few lessons for brands in the micro world. 1. Production quality matters - always We have moved beyond the days of grainy cellphone videos into a world of stunning shots. In other words, a well-framed, well-shot, well-executed video clip matters - whether it's six seconds or 60 seconds (this is especially true for well-known brands). In some case, like in the TV news world, if you're capturing something raw and exclusive, audiences are more accepting of poor video quality. When you're producing marketing content, not so much. 2. Have an end goal beyond being cool While it can pay off to look cute on the web, there is an even bigger pay-off when your micro-video pushes your marketing goals forward (think about your efforts as part of a campaign or content strategy). Let's go back to the Dove example; the video is cute, but doesn't do much more for the brand. Taco Bell's Vine, on the other hand, led to numerous headlines about the upcoming taco launch - which was announced exclusively on this shiny new platform. 3. Creativity is key, timing is everything It is only a matter of time before a business, big or small, starts to use a tool like Echograph for a creative campaign. In the social media marketing world, being first has its advantages. After a few months of other brands following suit, the excitement about new tools and strategies wears off - quickly. In other words, don't be afraid to experiment - and do so early. For a quick overview of some micro-video tools, check out my Konnekt Now segment by clicking the "Play Media" button above. If you need help creating your next social media marketing campaign, drop me a line.

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