KonnektNow 1: SocialFlow

Social Flow

KonnektNow is a video series that features interviews and other types of segments that relate to our work as a digital agency - strategy insights, online tools, campaign management, and lots more. If you work in digital, or are just interested in a peak into the industry, check out Konnekt Digital Engagement’s KonnektNow series.

Episode 1 In our first episode, Konnekt’s Lara Killian talks to Gilad Lotan, SocialFlow’s is their Vice President of Research and Development, at the “#Influence12: Symposium & Workshop on Measuring Influence on Social Media”. SocialFlow is a social media optimization platform founded in 2009 that uses a scientific, data mining approach to advise on the best times to post specific content based on the related audience activity. Hear Gilad discuss mainstream media’s posting dilemma, Wikipedia’s role in identifying hot topics, and the unique attributes of Sina Weibo (China’s Twitter).  

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