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When working in an agency we frequently have clients ask us how they can improve engagement with their audiences. One fun way to boost engagement is to host a live Google+ Hangout On Air (HOA). A Hangout On Air is a little different than a regular Google Hangout because it’s a live broadcast that’s open to the public whereas a Google Hangout is mainly used to host meetings among smaller groups.

There are many creative ways to use Hangouts, including tutorials, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), or interviews, and one handy thing about Hangouts On Air is that you can schedule them in advance and invite the public or your friends to watch it. Here’s how:

Step 0: Before you start, make sure your computer has a microphone and video camera. Also you must connect your Google+ Page to a YouTube channel. (You will be prompted to do this and given thorough instruction by Google+ as you follow the steps)

Step 1: First from, click on the Hangouts icon in the pulldown at the top left of your screen (immediately below the Google+ logo).

Step 2: On the resulting Hangouts page, click on Hangouts On Air & then click Start a Hangout On Air.

Step 3: Fill out your details – title, date, time, and other info (you can also change the visual theme for your event at the top). Also you can decide to schedule your broadcast for ‘Later’ or start it ‘now.’

Step 4: Invite Guests to watch by clicking in the To field and inviting people by name, circle, or email address. You can also choose to make the broadcast ‘public’ or ‘unlisted’ which only shares the event with invitees. (be aware that anyone you invite to the unlisted Hangout On Air can share the link publicly)

Step 5: Click Share and all your guests will be notified (You will also be prompted to connect your Google+ Page to a YouTube channel if you have not already done so). You can also share the URL of the Event now that it has been created.

Step 6: Start the broadcast at the time you scheduled the event (The broadcast will not start automatically). Once the broadcast has started you can invite/add participants to join you via mic and video but you cannot invite them beforehand.

Step 7: Once you click ‘Stop Hangout’ the hangout will be complete and it will automatically be published to your Google+ Page & your Youtube channel.

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