Eyeball.io Amateur Sports Community & App

Eyeball.io is a community for amateur sports that connects athletes, coaches, parents, and fans. Evolving from a live scoring platform, the new (free) Eyeball app for iOS and Android includes scheduling, private and group chats, and lots more to keep players and fans alike up to date and to make everyone feel like part of the team. These great free tools help in organizing events, sharing accomplishments, and building community for a group of dedicated people who work hard to provide a healthy and rewarding experience for young people and those who support them.

Konnekt believes that youth involvement in sports encourages physical fitness and provides important lessons, values, and skills for kids as they grow. We're proud to be working with the Eyeball team to help with their digital marketing and social media management not just because they've got a great app, but because they're doing "good" (you know, like Superman does good). Between team sponsorships and other efforts, Eyeball gives back to the community they're supporting and is constantly focused on how they can provide compelling tools to young athletes and their coaches and supporters.

If you are or know someone involved in youth sports then check out the new and improved Eyeball app and follow Eyeball.io on Facebook and @EyeballIncHQ on Twitter for great content for young athletes and their parents, fans, and coaches.