Apple Watch, Meerkat, a 3D Printing Pen, & Amber at Dx3

This week Amber was on the show floor at Dx3 in Toronto, interviewing senior execs from digital business angles across the spectrum. She sent in her latest tip from her tech spotlight booth, on Meerkat for adding live streaming video to your tweets! (Read some recent developments about Meerkat, which is being called the most talked about app at SXSW this year.) Amber also covered the Do Camera app from IFTTT for better sharing of your photos, plus Lara has the first 3D Printing Pen,  3Doodler, and Jeff shares tips on running digital campaigns with Google Analytics URL Builder. Lara and Jeff also sit down to discuss some of the recent news coming from Apple about the Apple Watch and ResearchKit, the health research framework Apple has been working on with some of the leadings names in university- and hospital-based medical research (we'll also be releasing Lara & Jeff's full bigPICTURE segment on YouTube where they also talk about HBO and the Apple TV, plus the new MacBook).

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